Starting our Sojourn!

Always ready, willing, and able to be on a plane at the drop of a hat!
So they said that I should start my blog.  It’s a blog that has been in the making for many years now, but I have never sat down and actually put the pen to paper.  Lately I have felt inspired, more now than ever before by the world around me.  But before we journey off together, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.
Five years ago, I journeyed to Israel.  I was a little lost and not quite sure where I belonged in the world.  I toured around for three weeks.  On the day I returned, my mother said, “I hope you are well rested… You are coming to work with me in the morning.” 
And so I did!  I was supposed to be helping for a few weeks through the busy season while they were short-staffed.  It turns out I have the bug.  The travel bug that is. 
I have worked and I have travelled and I have learned. The world is so large with many wonderful and beautiful things to see and do.  I’d like to be your guide of sorts.  Your Yoda.  Together we are going to head off on an amazing adventure through the wide world of travel and life.  


  1. Congrats on getting your blog up! You’re an awesome travel agent. Thanks again for helping us plan our honeymoon to Germany!

  2. I can hardly wait to read more. Congratulations on your new venture, and may you travel far & wide. ps. Make room for me in your suitcase.

  3. Hi Stacey,
    Congrats on your new BLOG! It looks great and sounds very interesting.

    How often r u going to post ? Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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