My review of Hawks Cay Day 1


This was my "office" while they were of fishing and I was working!

 So I’m sitting here, on the second floor of my villa at Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key down in the Florida Keys.  The sun is shining brightly, the breeze is flowing through my hair and I am totally relaxed.  Danny (my boyfriend), Lauren (my best friend), and Scot (her boyfriend) are all off on some pier fishing for our dinner.  They probably think that I am a little crazy for wanting to stay behind to read and work.  If you can call this work of course.  

Our room is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse with a full kitchen, including all of the necessary cooking and dining tools.  This is a novelty for me because it means we don’t have to figure out where we are going to eat every meal.  Usually when I travel I have to eat every meal at a restaurant and sometimes I just don’t want to.  There is a porch downstairs and a porch upstairs off of one of the bedrooms.  Both porches face behind the unit and out over the water.  Every so often a boat will drift past us through the channel and we hear the sounds of people having fun.  When I saw this, all I could think was that this is the way it should be.  

A peaceful retreat from reality is just what I needed right now.  A break from the hectic pace of life.  A break from owning a house and all it comes with, car payments, gasoline’s exorbitant pricing, working, and everything else that we deal with on an every day basis.  It all is just kind of gone in this moment.

Eh, I was going to write more, but in the spirit of a relaxing vacation, I’m going to read my book for a while.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about this hotel!  I hope you are relaxing too!

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