My Review of Hawk’s Cay Day 2

Hi again!  So where was I yesterday when I decided to leave you and go off reading?  Ah yes.  Hawk’s Cay.  

I have heard such amazing things about Hawk’s Cay from friends, family and clients.  So I had to check it out!  The drive down was lovely.  Once we crossed over into the Keys the water seemed to change from the usual shade of blue to a spectrum of blues and greens.  I thought I was totally spoiled by the amazing waters of the Caribbean, but I feel like the waters down here might give me something new to dream about.  

At first this seemed like a huge property.  There is even a shuttle that runs around the resort!  We quickly realized that there is an easy way to get everywhere and it takes about 7 minutes to walk from the main lobby at the back of the property to the boardwalk at the very front of the property.  It was so romantic at night to walk along the marina with Danny :). 
The foliage all around is eclectic and beautiful with lots of different greens and flowers.  A warning though: the mosquitos got me the first night.  If you have sweet blood and bugs love to bite you, bring protection.  I found out the basil (yup the herb) is a great remedy against the itch of bug bites.  I may look like I have the plague now, but at least I don’t itch!
The fitness center,located in the spa building, is well equipped! The treadmills have individual TVs that get most of the stations you can get in your room to keep you entertained while you burn off the extra calories from that amazing Key Lime Pie!  For a little extra pampering I loved that they offer towels for while you’re working out, cold towels for after, headphones in case you are like me and forget them at home, and a water cooler.  Took the stress out of my work out!

Well, the lagoon pool calls!  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the dining and family friendliness of the hotel and then it’s back to reality I go!

It looks and feels like a beach... but it's man-made!

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