My Review of Hawk’s Cay Day 3

Danny's ready for his fresh fish!!!

Day three and final day at Hawk’s Cay.  I’m really sad I’ll have to say goodbye!  Today is just going to be a quick rundown on the family situation and the dining options on property and then I’m going to make the best of the last few minutes here.

We ate at Tom’s Harbor House when we first arrived on property.  It had the atmosphere of a laid back burger joint and it was very cool.  They use fresh fish that is caught nearby in their fish dishes and the fish tacos were delicious!  The burgers were overcooked, but still pretty good.  Another really awesome feature is the Hook and Cook.  If you bring them fish that you catch, they will cook it for you!  

There are so many families here this weekend enjoying the time together and that’s another really nice thing about the villages.  They are pet friendly and have great lawns for children and dogs to run around and play.  Parents can either play with the kids in the grass or settle themselves down with a glass of wine at their table on the porches downstairs.  Speaking of wine… that’s not a bad idea!  Ahhh!  That’s better.  A little moscato never hurt anyone right?Camp Hawk is a supervised program for children ranging from 5 to 12.  But don’t worry.  They didn’t forget about your teens!  AS IF!  The teen program is designed to keep even the coolest of teens entertained so you don’t look like the bad guy for dragging them to the keys!  They do lots of sports and water activities.  They even have a “Teens Night Out”.  No adults allowed of course.  

Keep Hawks Cay in mind for your next family and/or friends get away!  They are so close to home and yet worlds away.


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