Trip Ahead!

 Everyone has their rituals before they travel.  Some people make lists, some people go shopping, some people start packing weeks before the trip, and some people do nothing at all.  I have just realized that I do all of these things!  I leave next week for a 12 day vacation to Ireland and London.  So far I have gotten my hair done, and scheduled my manicure and pedicure.  I have gone shopping at three different stores for clothes for the trip.  I have downloaded two iPhone apps about packing lists.  I have talked about how much work I need to get done before I leave and yet found everything else to do. 

The excitement of my trip didn’t hit me until this week.  And now it’s here!  Not the trip of course, still a few days before that joy, but the reality.  I am going to another country.  I am going to experience the culture of people that I would never have the chance to meet without getting on the plane and going.  
And the best part is that you will get to experience it with me!  I’ll be blogging as often as possible to keep you posted!
I can’t wait to travel with you!

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