Packing Up A Storm

The excitement mounts!  So does the exhaustion.  It seems I’m one the the people that I call “stress travellers”.  I forget about this part when I don’t travel for a while :).  My lists now have lists.  Each night I think of more things that I have forgotten to do.  Do my cats have enough food for while I’m gone?  Will the cleaning lady be able to get in and will mom remember to leave the money for her?  Will Dan’s dad know how to turn the A/C down if he wants to do some work around the house?  Do I have enough toothpaste for 12 days?  And so on and so on.  At this point all Dan can do is laugh at me.  Don’t worry.  I laugh at me too.

I have all of my clothes pulled out.  My Nook and camera are on the charger.  My cell phone charger is ready and I have adapters.  Am I forgetting anything?

I plan people’s trips every day.  I tell them what to pack and what to leave home.  And the one thing that we can all learn from this?  It happens to EVERYONE!

Now I just have to take a deep breath and use one of my favorite bride’s mantras “It is what it is”.

My cats are trying to tell me I can't go!









But starting tomorrow…I am on my way!!!


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