Day one of my Ireland trip

Me in our row on the Airbus A380 - nice and spacious!

I have no idea how many hours this day has actually been.  Between not sleeping the night before, saying goodbye to my cousin who moves to China next week, getting all 5 cats ready and over to my parents house for the duration, and actually starting my trip… we are so exhausted.  If we started getting ready at 7:30am on Thursday and it is 5pm on Friday your time, well it’s just been too long!  This will be nice and short though cause my bed is screaming my name!

Firstly, on any international flight, if you are going over night, SLEEP.  I don’t care what you have to do, what you have to take, but sleep.  I couldn’t.  Instead I watched 3 movies and some TV shows.  Also, the food is just as bad as people have been commenting.  Eat before you go, take a snack, don’t rely on airline food.  It seemed like it might have been the same caterer from my last experience in the hospital.  🙂

Another fun tip that we learned today, in Dublin, a lot of the streets aren’t marked by signs.  If you are on the left side of the road, you may be on a different street name than the right side of the road!  It was crazy and we got soooo lost!  But eventually together and with the help of the three very kind strangers that we stopped on the street, we figured it out. 

Tomorrow holds a lot more promise for us as we will be doing the majority of our sightseeing then!  I’ll let you know how it goes when I finally get some sleep!

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