Two Fun Nights in Killarny

I’m so sorry that my time with you has been interrupted by the fact that my netbook doesn’t like me.  It seems that as this trip progresses, so do my issues with the computer.  So I will do my best to post every time that I can.

We have been having a blast as you know.  Yesterday we did some awesome things.  First we went to the Cliffs of Moher.  They are lobbying right now to be one of the new 7 wonders of the world and I honestly think they should win.  You drive up and in front of you is the most magnificent body of water.  The land seems to drop out right in front of you. 

Us at the Cliffs of Moher

There is a tower up on the cliffs.  If you are at the visitor center go up and to the right up 150 stairs (yup, the youngest member of our group counted as he climbed!) and you will see O’Brian’s Tower.  The myth is that if you circle this tower clockwise 3 times you will stay married forever, if you circle counter clockwise, you will get divorced.  Of course I went clockwise!

After this lovely visit, we drove on to a ferry and across the river Shannon!  We went to the Flying Boat museum.  This is a museum dedicated to the hold air crafts used between 1939 and 1945.  When I got on and saw their dining areas, the large seats that convert to bunk beds and the honeymoon suite, my only thought was “Yeah this is just like my flight over here…” (NOT).  Oh my how the times have changed.
We went to Killarney and Danny and I went off with two other people on the tour to dinner at a great Italian place called Gilbertino’s.  Highly recommended.  We practically licked out plates.
This morning started out with a “hike” through the Killarney National Park.  It was more like a stroll, but I got some beautiful pictures!  Which of course you would be able to see except that I can’t get them uploaded right now. 
Next we drove the Ring of Kerry.  There is a reason this is the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland.  It is exquisite!  The views are so amazing that I didn’t even fall asleep on the bus, I just kept trying to watch everything.  Unbelievable!
After this we did a jaunting (horsedrawn buggy) car ride through Killarney National Park and that was so much fun.  The driver’s accent was so thick that we all caught about 1/3 of what he was trying to say to us!
After dinner and drinks in the hotel pub, here I am, fighting with my computer, and losing.  so I am going to go to sleep.  We are in a bed and breakfast tomorrow night so I doubt I’ll have internet access, but I’ll try to get on when I get to the next hotel in Dublin.  Until then,  Slainte!

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