Group Travel with Children

A lot of my clients have asked me if I would recommend an escorted vacation if they are travelling with children. I used to shy away from saying yes out of fear that the children wouldn’t have anyone that they would relate to on the trip with them.  How could that be fun for the kids?  I learned so much during my time in Ireland.  There were 3 families with children under the age of 18 on the bus tour with us.  None of them had any way of knowing there would be other families, but they went anyway.  I learned so much from the kids travelling on my tour.  Like how to always make my own fun!

Teaching the adults about "Planking" after dinner at the bed and breakfast in Ballyshannon.

A group vacation is also a great way to open your children or grandchildren up to people of other cultures and faiths that they can’t experience in their home environment.  We had people on our tour from New York, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas and so many other places!  It was great to be able to sit at meals and talk about our lives and learn what it’s like living in other places.  We made some friends who I feel will be life long friends.  And now we have someone to visit if we ever want to go to Kansas!!!

Learning history in a fun and interactive way!

If you are among the parents or grandparents considering this for your family, I have a few tips to make it easier.  A lot of tour companies actually have product lines created for families.  Brendan Vacations has Escorted Family Vacations, Globus has Globus Families, Tauck has Tauck Bridges,  Disney has Adventures by Disney (don’t be fooled, no Mickey or Donald here, just good old Disney attention to detail and quality products) and the list goes on and on.  When you are planning your next family getaway, check it out.  You may be surprised at how well this type of trip fits you and yours!  And no one says “are we there yet?”!

Great for family bonding!

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