I Love London in the Summer?

  Who here has been to London in the middle of the summer?  Until two weeks ago, I hadn’t.  I was in London in February once.  It was wonderful, just the right mix of peace and crowd.  We went to Piccadilly Circus and walked around enjoying the mild chaos and were in heaven!  I LOVE London in the winter.  And after my experiences last month, I am NOT one of those people who loves London in the summer. 

  Our first day in London we went from the hotel (we stayed in the Athenaeum Piccadilly near Green Park…a wonderful hotel that feels like home) straight to the Millennium Eye.  The walk should have taken us about 20 minutes.  Definitely not as bad as some of the walks in Dublin.  It should have been a lovely walk that took us through Green Park, by

My first view of Buckingham Palace!

Buckingham Palace, through St. James Park, in

A small idea of the crowds

front of Westminster Abbey, in front of Big Ben, across the Westminster Bridge, and down to the Eye.  Piece of cake!  Because of the crowds, the walk took us over 45 minutes (with us pushing through the crowds after a while and not caring how many pictures we were in).  When we got to the Eye we spent 30 minutes in line to buy tickets.  And finally you get in line FOR the Eye.  Be warned.  This is no ordinary line.  This is a kill or be killed, cut ahead of how ever many poor innocent bystanders aren’t willing to stand nose to back with the guy in front of them.  This line is not for the faint of heart or the sensative of nose.  And once you figure that out, and you start using the people in your group to block the way so no one can cut in front of you, you will start to get closer to your goal… the largest ferris wheel I have ever seen!

  Everything in London seems to be under construction.  I don’t know if this is in preparation of the 2012 Olympics or if the city is always under construction, but it was crazy.  Luckily Danny and I were walking everywhere and not driving because I don’t think there was any rhyme or reason behind WHAT was under construction.

  The Underground is a great system of transportation.  We used it half the time to get around.  8 pounds a day would get you an unlimited one day train pass.  More than once, Danny and I were almost separated by the teeming crowds getting on and off the underground.  It was hot and it was smelly, but it got us point A to point B the fastest. 

  All in all, I do love London.  But I do NOT love London in the summer.  I recommend waiting until after the biggest tourist season ends and go in the winter. **warning** remember that 1 Pound is worth almost 2 dollars!!!!  (I may have not taken that really in to account in certain places and got a nasty surprise on my credit card bill!!!


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