Travelling with Special Needs

I can’t tell you how often people will go on vacation without ever telling me that they have a dietary requirement or a special need of any kind and then get upset when the hotel or cruise can’t accommodate them.  The term “Special Need” covers such a broad range of topics that sometimes you don’t really think it applies to you.  A special need is more than just a wheel chair accessible room or a gluten-free diet.

Do you have high blood pressure and need a low salt diet?  Are you travelling with an infant and need a crib/baby food/high chair?  Do you need a wheel chair to help you board the cruise or through the airport?  Are you a diabetic and keep needles for insulin with you?  Do you keep kosher or need a salt free diet?  All of these are examples of special needs and all are things that a cruise line, tour operator, hotel or airline should know in advance to make sure that they can accommodate your needs.

Be sure to inform your travel agent while you are creating a reservation about any needs that you have so that they can make sure you don’t have any hassles or hold ups!

Also a great idea is to tell them any special celebrations that you will be having while you are away so they can try to get you special amenities!

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