Travelling for A Special Day

I woke up this morning and it was my birthday.  YAY!!  A fun day to celebrate all that life has offered me and all that it will offer in the future!  As I lay in bed and stretched my arms and snuggled my kitties, reality hit.  So I jumped up and worked out and hustled through my morning routine and got to work.  And here I am sitting at my desk, answering phones, dealing with problems, and wishing it was later so I can celebrate.


Sugar shock in a glass!

And this is why people go away for their special birthdays!  If I were on a cruise right now, I might still be snuggling in bed and yawning and stretching my arms.  I could be sitting by a pool and sipping something alcoholic that might send me in to sugar shock.  I might be watching a show, or zip lining through the air, or snorkling with sting rays, or swimming with dolphins…. I’m sorry… I got lost in my fantasies and digressed!








When you are planning the special day for yourself or a loved one, consider being somewhere other than home.  A birthday is a day to be stress and worry free and just enjoy life.  A perk is that if you are planning it for someone else, you get to be stress and worry

Celebrate in style!

free on your day AND their day!

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