Weather Watching

What do you do when weather threatens your long-planned and much deserved vacation? This week seems to be the week for natural disasters and that always gets me thinking. What if you were on a cruise this week?! What if you were heading to the North East?
First and foremost is always a resounding… “DON’T PANIC!” Panic doesn’t help your situation. In the event of a hurricane, the most important thing to do is watch it. A lot of time the hurricane doesn’t follow the original path and you may have nothing to worry about at all. For example… I leave Saturday morning for Jamaica. At first this storm looked as though it was going to be a direct hit to South Florida, however, it started changing path and now it’s not anywhere near Florida. So keep your eye on your storm.
Second most important thing is travel insurance. Some companies offer cancel for any reason policies which means that whatever is going on, you can cancel if you are uncomfortable travelling. Most insurance companies offer protection if your destination is hit with a hurricane or under hurricane warnings. Check with your travel insurance provider for exact details.
In September 2007 the Gulf looked like something out of the movie “A Perfect Storm”.  Guess where I was! On a cruise! Except for one day where our route was altered to avoid the storm, we had amazing weather and a great trip! When you are on a cruise and there is a hurricane the cruise lines monitor the weather constantly and they will move the ships out of harm’s way. 
This is what we were doing when the three storms were surrounding our ship! Party time!!!
In a nutshell, be vigilant, but not neurotic and you’ll still have a safe and FUN vacation!

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