The Boy Scout Motto – Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared.  I learned this long ago when I was in a community service fraternity whose core values were based on the Boy Scouts of America. And promptly forgot, it would seem. 

Today I was flying from Miami airport to Montego Bay.   I am staying in lovely Jamaica to learn all about destination weddings as done by Sandals and Beaches!  Getting here was a reminder of important life lessons though.

First – If you are flying and don’t appreciate ambient noises such as kid’s video games, the TV repeatedly going on and on about a hurricane, plane engine sounds, and other such lovely facts of flying… Bring some form of a music making machine and really good headphones.  Noise cancelling ones!

Second – Occasionally a plane may not take off right when it is scheduled to.  Be prepared for this.  Bring snacks, entertainment, chargers for electronics if necessary for really really long delays, and I even saw some really smart people with pillows (the neck ones) who were using the time to catch up on naps.

Third – If you have a long drive to your hotel after your long flight, remember to eat a meal.  This way you won’t be sitting on the bus to Ocho Rios (an hour and a half from Montego Bay) threatening to eat your own arm off.

Lasty – ABP may stand for Always Be Prepared, but it also stands for Always Be Patient.  You are at an airport.  Tensions usually run high at airports to begin with because flying isn’t America’s favorite pastime anymore.  Getting upset and yelling because your plane is delayed may release some of your stress or anxiety, but it’s not going to get the plane to depart any faster and you are just going to upset the people around you.  Be patient.  Life is a journey…Travel it well.

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