Autumn Out West

When I think of the Autumn season, I can always picture the mountains.  What a great time of year to head out and take in the majesty of the West!

Vineyards in Autumn

The vineyards in summer are devine, but can you imagine the late harvest grapes that you get in the next couple of months?  Some of my favorite wines aren’t produced until after the harvest season is over!  Have you ever thought of joining a bike group and really seeing the wine region of California?

A couple of years ago I took an Alaska cruise from Vancouver.  No, I’m not telling you to take an Alaska cruise in October!  But Vancouver itself was so amazing I could have spent an entire week just exploring the city!  Something you can’t miss while you are here is the

New Mexico.  One of the forgotten places in my mind.  It’s a little last minute, but something to consider is the!

Check out the Balloon Fiesta!

You can enjoy the sights on your own, or you can join up with a tour and experience it with other people

So much to see and so many places to go!  Check back tomorrow when we leave the US and check out another once a year adventure!

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