FALL for Cruising!

Close your eyes and picture this…No wait!  Don’t close your eyes!  If you close your eyes you won’t be able to read this!  Ok starting over…

Fall Foliage Cruising

Keep your eyes open and picture this…You are sitting outside on your balcony.  Your ship is sailing up the coast of New England.  It’s mid-October.  The leaves have changed on the trees already and are glorious shades of gold and reds and burnt oranges.  There is a chill to the air and you decide to order hot chocolate from room service.  Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Fall foliage cruises typically run from mid-September to late October.  Even though it is so soon, I am still finding that there is space on some of the sailings!   Cruises depart from ports like Baltimore, Boston, Montreal, New York City and Quebec, and itineraries typically include idyllic coastal towns in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. You may also visit ports like Halifax, Charlottetown or Saint John in Canada.

If this isn’t on your “Bucket List”, it should be!

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  1. This is a dream I intend to experience!!! Thank you for this note. I wanted to inquire a few things about our planned cruise next October. My 2 options were to either sail 9/20 or 10/18. I want to sail the later date. Is it going to be too cold on ship to swim and enjoy the water slide and Bungee jumping that is outdoors?. Will the fall foliage be peak up in New England mid october? Can you reply your thoughts back to me @ LisaLavan@comcast.net

    Thank You Lisa Lavan

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