Winter Here We Come!

I still can’t believe it’s the end of September!  Of course for most people, the end of September means something special.  It’s time to plan your family’s winter vacation!  A lot of people come to me confused.  “What should we do when the kids are out of school?”  “I want to do something meaningful and special to celebrate the holidays with my significant other, where should we go?”  Or, “Our entire family wants to meet up and have a reunion at a vacation destination… what do you recommend?”

The beauty of the winter season is that I have so many wonderful and beautiful recommendations!  Today I’m going to talk to you about skiing! 

Whether you are an avid “black diamond” skier, or you have never even seen a bunny slope, there is a ski vacation for you! 

A few things I love about ski destinations…

  • Snow!!  Lots of beautiful (even if sometimes it is manufactured) snow!  If you live up north you may be rolling your eyes at me, but imagine a snow day where you didn’t have to shovel, or fight your way to work, or clean up the mess tracked through your mud-room from dirty boots.  That’s the kind of snow I’m talking about!
  • Cozy fireplaces.  These are a great place for a family to meet and tell stories and catch up.  Imagine the kids all in jammies curled up together listening to grandma and grandpa tell them stories.  Imagine no kids at all, just you and your sweetheart with your legs wrapped around each others sipping hot chocolate and contemplating how happy you are together.  Imagine a bunch of girlfriends or guy friends with cocktails in hand dancing and scoping out the other singles in the ski lodge.

    Click on the picture to see the top 10 ski destinations of 2011
  • Charming towns.  It’s a great place to do some shopping if you aren’t on the slopes.  They are always fun to walk/browse through.
  • Two words… HOT TUB!
  • Sleigh Rides! 
  • World class spas.  Just because your honey wants to be hitting the slopes doesn’t mean you have to!  While he or she hits the slopes you could be hitting the saunas and steam rooms.  Get a massage or facial and pamper yourself

Whatever your pleasure, remember… just because you are in a ski destination does not mean that all you can do is Ski.  Call me and I’ll guide you along!

Also check out if you didn’t click the picture of the ski lodge.  Some great destinations!

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