Villa Winter Vacation

When I say the word villa, what do you think of?  Do you think of some remote island destination?  A vineyard in Tuscany?  The English countryside?  If so, you are right!  These are great places to rent villas.  But these are not the only places.  Villas are everywhere.  The islands… near Disney… throughout Europe… all ski destinations… and the list continues!  They also come in every shape and level of luxury.  Villas make a great choice for your winter vacation. 

Villa on an Island!

With a villa there are no questions about getting rooms near each other.  Connecting rooms aren’t a problem either.  Most traditional hotels won’t confirm connecting rooms until you arrive on property.  You will have the privacy they desire to make the most of their time together.  Whether you are a large family or a bunch of friends going to make the most of the winter break, there is something for everyone.

Your experience is of your own design in a villa.  If you want maid service, no problem.  Don’t want to cook?  A chef can come and prepare food in the kitchen.  Your food can be pre-stocked or you can go to the grocery store and shop like a local!  

Call us… we’ll help you decide if a villa is right for your winter vacation!

Villa on the slopes!

A quick note.  For those of you who celebrate the Jewish Holidays, have a Happy and a Healthy New Year.  Shana Tovah!

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