A Walled City Won My Heart!

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to be on a very awesome cruise to the Northern Europe region.  I was invited on a Regent Seven Seas cruise from Stockholm to Copenhagen.  On this cruise we went to a port named Visby.  My first reaction was “What the heck is Visby?”  I quickly got my answer.

Our ship over the rooftops in Visby
Visby is a walled city on an island named Gotland that is part of Sweden. It is where a lot of the Swedes go when they are on vacation.  Luckily for me, we were on a shore excursion that included almost the whole island of Gotland.  And while small, this island packs a punch!
The tour included a very interesting history of the lands and the people, but I had two favorite parts.  We went to visit Stafva dairy farm.  We got to visit with the owners who work the farm.  They gave us samples of three of their cheeses (yes I wimped out and didn’t try the one that they age in a limestone cave).  
Ruins of a church in Visby

The second favorite part was the actual city of Visby.  This is the first place I have been where there are two churches from the 1500s right across from each other and one is a ruin and the other is holding services still today.  We walked through the ruins, we walked through the quaint and beautiful little town and we never wanted to leave.  Unfortunately our stop was too short and eventually we had to get back on the ship.  You bet we waited ’till the last possible second though!  We were on the last tender back to the ship and maybe almost missed the boat on purpose? 😉

Me on a random street in Visby!

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