Haunted City Spotlight – London

History is a bloody and gruesome thing sometimes…  Imagine the ghosts that must surround places like The Tower of London.  Places where prisoners were held, tortured and killed regularly.  One of the more famous characters in the history of London is Jack the Ripper!  You can’t beat that for haunt potential!

I actually went to the Tower of London in July hoping to get any feelings, but with so many people around I think the ghosts were in hiding!

On the grounds of the Tower of London

Famous ghosts haunting the Tower are: Henry the VI, Walpole (the Jesuit priest), Lady Jane Grey, Richard and Edward (two princes who were imprisoned by their uncle Richard, the Duke of Gloucester (lots of mystery surrounding their deaths), and Anne Boleyn (her ghost is supposedly headless).

When you are in London make sure you take the time to tour the Tower of London.  Hear the stories of murder, intrigue, and mayhem.  You will have no doubt that if spirits do exist, they surely exist here!
Other haunted hang outs:
  • The Bank of England (the ghost is commonly called the Bank Nun)
  • Red Lion Square (look for the spirits of three men… Cromwell, Ireton & Bradshaw… walking through the square in deep conversation)
  • The Queen’s House- take ample pictures in the hopes that unexpected visitors show up in them!

With so much to see and do, there is no way that London wouldn’t be a great place for some Haunts!

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