Going abroad? Take 2!

Yesterday I had so many thoughts but I didn’t want to overwhelm you! So here is part two!

  • Make sure the water is safe to drink before you leave. Places that are definitely safe are the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Western European Union countries, and Israel. Please be careful with this tip. I have seen travel agents laid up in the Dominican Republic for just using the tap water in their coffee. If there is a question, USE BOTTLED WATER! In Mexico I even brush my teeth with bottled water. I take no chances.
  • Bargain on price. One of the best things I have heard of is a street market in Paris called St. Ouen.
  • Make sure you get the complete taxi fare up front.  If they are using a meter, make sure you can see it working.
  • If you are a guest in someone’s home and they offer you food… graciously eat it.  One of my father’s favorite stories is from when he was in Israel.  He and a friend went to visit a cousin.  Upon arrival they saw the table set with enough food for 10 people.  There were only two plates!  Luckily dad knew the custom and ate as much as he possibly could so that he didn’t offend his host!
  • Check the average weather for the time period you are going.  Do not rely on the weather the week before your trip.  Danny went to the Netherlands in April a few years ago and the week before weather was above 50.  So he packed accordingly.  The flight lands and the temperature dropped to below 30 and it starts snowing.  Needless to say… he wasn’t prepared!
  • Take lots of pictures and have LOTS of fun!

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