Chills and Thrills!


Prepare yourself!

If you are the type who likes a little bit of scream in your life, Listen up!  Halloween is next week, but there is still time (since most of us live in Florida and are only about 3 hours from Universal Studios).  Many years ago, Universal Studios began to embrace the terror of Halloween with its usual flair.  Halloween Horror Nights was born!  This year is the 21st year they have been scaring the wits out of people!  In honor of that they have the “Your Luck Has Run Out” scare zone where the theme is gambling.  WITH YOUR LIFE!  Hehe ok, sorry that was just for fun. 

Lady luck?

I’m loving the commercials with the terrifying lady throwing knives at the man on the wheel of fortune (if you haven’t seen it, here is a link to the commercial  And every time I see it, I get the urge to jump in the car and drive north for the weekend.
During Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are transformed from an amazing theme park to one large scream fest.  A lot of the rides stay open for most of the nights, but they also have 8 haunted houses, 6 scare zones, and live shows whose sole purpose is to scare the day lights out of you! 

For my Florida Friends, find a Coca Cola can or Burger King cup with the offer of $40 discounts.  There are only two weeks left of HHN 21, so if you like a thrill and some chills, jump in the car this weekend and prepare to be scared!


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