To Nook or Not to Nook

E-readers.  The most wonderful invention ever (yes, this is personal opinion.  I have friends who would never ever give up their paper and ink books).  I’m the girl who used to go on a 4-night vacation with 4 paperback books in tow.  With shrinking over-head space and charges for luggage… this is now a habit that could be very expensive!

My Nook. How I love thee!

When I finally decided to buy myself an e-reader I spent weeks researching which was right for me.  If you talk to NookColor owners, you will hear how wonderful the NookColor is.  If you speak to a Kindle owner they will swear by the Kindle.

NookColor pros:  Color screen, great for magazines and books that might have pictures!  Web access and apps, tons of fun if you aren’t only using this for a book.  Another great feature is that you can change the background and text color for books so you can read in any light.  Speaking of light… I love that it is backlighted so I can read in bed at night with the lights out (how often have you had to get out of bed to turn out the lights when you are done reading for the night).

Regular text
White on black (Night view)

A question that was posed to me… Can you read in direct sunlight?  Absolutely!  The first place I ever used my NookColor was at Hawks Cay in the Keys.  We were all sitting by the lagoon and at first I had trouble, but then I learned how to dim my screen brightness and poof!  Problem solved!

If you are looking for a simple book reader with no bells and whistles, I love the new Nook.  It’s e-ink which means that it looks just like a book for those of you who want that.

I’m a Nook girl.  I love that every Friday, Barnes and Noble has Free Fridays (a free book from their online store).

Happy Reading!

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