Wedding Wednesday – Choosing your Honeymoon destination

You’ve got the ring, the date is set, and the planning has begun.  Which of you is in charge of the Honeymoon?  Are you planning it together?  So many times I have people sit down in front of me with the “deer in the headlights” look.  They know they want to go somewhere special and romantic, but they don’t know where.  And they ask me.  Unfortunately, I can throw ideas at people, but what is romantic and special to me… might not be to them.  So here is what I tell them:

I can help you choose your perfect honeymoon, but these are the questions you need to ask yourself first.

  1. Are you looking for an action packed adventure (perhaps a trip to New Zealand is in order for you), a leisurely exploration (would you like enjoy a drive down the Romantic Road in Germany), or a toes in the sand/butt in a beach chair kind of vacation (have you considered a couples or adults only all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean)?
  2. Is there a place that you have both always wanted to go, but couldn’t afford or didn’t have the time for?
  3. Do you have certain activities that you do as a couple, which are special for you?
    (i.e. Danny and I are Disney fanatics.  Disney has always played a huge role in our lives both as a couple and before we met.  Doing a honeymoon which includes some component of Disney would be both special and meaningful to us.)

Next, I would make a list of places and experiences that appeal to you each individually.  See which destinations and/or experiences are on both of your wish lists.
Figure out a preliminary budget.
Then talk to your travel agent!

Together we’ll go through ideas such as cruising, island resorts, escorted tours, and independent travel.  My job and my joy are to make sure you have the most special honeymoon possible!

Check back next Wednesday to find out how your family and friends can make your honeymoon experience even more amazing!

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