Spotlight Saturday – Juneau, Alaska

Almost every cruise that sails Alaska goes to Juneau.  It was my first port of call when I travelled to Alaska in 2007.  Seriously fantastic!  Ok it’s a port town off a cruise ship, so yes… the whole town is like 3 streets of shopping.  They have the usual suspects that you’ll find in the Caribbean islands.  But there is so much to do that you don’t even really need to stop.

Glaciers!  Lots of glaciers!  You can bus to a glacier, helicopter, float plane, and even take a water craft.  Glaciers are awesome because they have the most incredible color blue under the surface.  I would put a picture here, but of the hundreds of pictures I took, none came even remotely close to how beautiful the glaciers are.  So here is me in a helicopter!

OK... OK... here's me ON the glacier!



Other things to do in and around Juneau:

The Red Dog Saloon – SO MUCH FUN!  Check out the menu.  I personally had some “expensive rshit”.  It was good!  I loved this Saloon because when you walk in, you could be a miner during the gold rush.  I love the guy playing the piano, the decorations all over the walls, and the audience participation!  I send everyone in for a drink.

Menu at the Red Dog Saloon!

I also took the Mt. Roberts Tramway up to the observation level of Mount Roberts.  If you have a little time to kill, the views were amazing.

 ANIMALS!!!  Whales, eagles, bear, salmon and the list just goes on and on!

With so much to see and do, it’s a shame the cruises only spend one day in port here!

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