Wedding Wednesday – Sky Weddings

When you are looking for that perfect place for your wedding or vow renewal where are you going to start looking? You want the best and most unique pictures. You want a special place. Look at the picture below. This is the Sky Wedding Gazebo at the Azul Beach hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Sky Wedding Gazebo

Maybe this is a personal thing, but I really want my wedding on the beach. I want the beautiful ocean in my pictures and waves crashing in the background. What I don’t want is my heels of my beautiful wedding shoes sinking into the sand or walking barefoot in my dress. Knowing my balance issues, I can just picture myself trying to walk in a straight line in the sand! So how am I going to merge my two desires?

Sky Wedding Gazebo at Azul Sensatori


A rooftop. What a brilliant solution to my dilemma! I can still have the wind caressing my skin and the ocean waves serenading me in the background, but I will be clean and sand-free!

One of the beautiful things about your wedding is that it is yours and yours alone! This would be my dream, but yours may be different!

What would be your dream wedding?

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