We’ve all been there.  We’re helping someone with something and they hit us with the impossible.  Not improbable, not unlikely, but impossible.  Something that you have no control over.  But as service people we are trained never to say no to people.  So what do you do in that moment?  How do you say no to someone, without making it sound like you are saying no?

In the past I have used the “let me check that and get back to you”.  I have used “I’ll see if there is another way to do what you are looking for”.  And I have used… “I must be missing something, give me some time to work on it”.  And all those times, I have known… deep inside me… that what the person wants doesn’t exist.

So just a reminder.  As todays words of wisdom… Sometimes what you want doesn’t exist.  Please be realistic with your expectations of what a person can do for you.  When someone is put in the uncomfortable position of telling you this bit of unwanted information, please don’t get angry or yell at them.  Please say something kind like “oh well, it was worth a shot.  Let’s see what else we can do that I will also find acceptable”.   Please?

How do you tell someone that what they want doesn’t exist?

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