Wedding Wednesday…Here Come the Muppets

In destination wedding planning, there is nothing better than pulling inspiration from anything imaginable.  If you dream it, we like to think we can make it happen.

It is also critical that a wedding be a reflection of each couple’s unique personality.  That is why I’m an especially big fan of Disney’s Ever After blog, and an even bigger fan of their Wedding Cake Wednesdays.  Even if you’re not a Disney buff–which I think I’ve proven myself to be–you can find great ideas, from photography to cakes, on this fun blog.  Which brings us to this week’s cake.


Disney's Muppet Wedding Cake


Based entirely on the Muppets, this cake is fun, whimsical, with more than a sense of humor.  Surely, a cake that will never be forgotten.  To see more pictures of Kermit, Miss Piggy and the whole Muppet gang on one truly remarkable cake, click on the image above.


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