Wedding Wednesday – A day late!

Hey folks!  So I was fully intending to put this up yesterday, but got so distracted that I forgot all about it!  My apologies!  Something I’m learning very quickly with trying to plan a wedding and still keeping my career on path and TRYING to keep a social life… Everyone needs help.  I know exactly why I am so important to the brides I work with now.  Each day I go to the office and say that I’m going to contact the hotels for rates and packages and specials.  Each day I lose track of time working on my regular clients and have hardly any time for myself.  I can’t imagine how people who are NOT doing this every day find time to plan their own destination weddings!

A couple of things I have learned up to this moment:

1) Narrow down to one or two islands before you start planning

2) Give your friends plenty of notice so they can change vacation schedules if they need to (so far I have had two friends already put in for their vacation times for NOVEMBER of next year and have had to change it). 

3) Budget time to work with your fiance.  Life can get in the way and you should definitely make sure you sit down every couple of days to go over progress and complications.

4) Understand that if you are giving people a year, things are going to come up.  I already know that two of my closest people have been thinking about having babies.  If they are in their third trimester… guess who’s not coming to my wedding!

5) Figure out who is paying for what and go over everyone’s expectations of what you are doing with their money.

6) Work with a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings.  They know people who can help you make this the best day possible.

An last but most importantly……. HAVE FUN!  You only get married once (ideally) and this is supposed to be the best time of your life!

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