Rhine River – Discover the beauty

Yesterday I talked about River Cruising.  One of my favorite rivers to talk about is the Rhine river.  This is actually where some of my favorite Reislings come from so I am biased 🙂

In a funny coincidence I got an email this morning about the Rhine river!  Here are two exerpts:

“The Rhine Valley is a river valley straight out of a picture book, with precipitous cliffs, steep vineyards, a castle perched on virtually every hilltop and pretty villages lining the river banks on either side. Myths and legends abound here, such as the story of Loreley or the beautiful siren of the rocks. The scenery is the stuff of dreams and villages and towns epitomise the charm of this remarkable area with its rich cultural heritage. UNESCO has recognised the importance of the region by designating the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the home of Loreley, a World Heritage area.

A riverboat cruise along the Middle Rhine makes a lasting impression. Sipping a glass of wine from the vineyards you are passing, enjoying the sunshine on the boat’s upper deck and admiring the numberous castles along the boarder, you’ll know what is special about the Rhine.”

“It’s not without reason that Rhineland-Palatinate is Germany’s Number 1 wine region. Wine-growing has a long tradition in Rhineland-Palatinate; even the Romans recognized the potential of the area and used it for viticulture. It is not only first-class wines that make the six wine-producing areas of Ahr Valley, Middle Rhine, Moselle-Saar, Nahe, Rheinhessen and Palatinate famous – it is also the fact that a staggering amount (over 70 %) of all German wines and sparkling wines are produced in the more than 20,000 wineries in these six areas. Where else can one better enjoy a delicious glass of wine than at the source? Quaint wine-growing farms and rustic wine bars in picturesque wine-growing towns, vineyard cottages and a simingly unending landscape of beautiful vines all characterize Rhineland-Palatinate.”

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