Wedding Wednesday – Residency requirements

Happy Wedding Wednesday my friends!!!

The first book I bought when I got engaged and decided to do a destination wedding was and started reading.  Something to consider when you are planning your big day… residency requirements.  Each destination has their own requirement for how long you have to be in the destination prior to being legally married there.  The residency requirements vary from no time to a month!  Check the tourist board website for prospective locations for the requirements of each place.  A few examples are:

Australia – none

French Polynesia – one of the couple must live in the French Polynesia for 30 days prior to the wedding.  Any takers? 😉

This is a little piece of heaven!

Cayman Islands – none

Mexico – 2 to 4 days in order to complete the necessary paperwork.

Ireland –

  • You must reside in the area in which you wish to marry for at least 7 consecutive days
  • Following the 7 days residency there is a 21 day waiting period during which you cannot marry
  • Your marriage can take place at any time between 21 days and one calendar year after the last day of the period of residency.

Sometimes, it is easier for you to do the legal wedding in the US with a notary or justice of the peace and then do a symbolic ceremony in your destination of choice!  That’s the way I’m going to do it!

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