Wedding Wednesday – Inviting People

So my journey continues!  We have chosen our wedding location (Azul Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico) and are now moving on with the planning!

I’ve started working on my guest list.  I will say that has an amazing guest list tracker.  You put everyone who you are inviting on the list, including their address, email address and phone number and all of your friends and family are in one place.  Thank goodness.  I am one of those people who didn’t have a single address.  Luckily from now on I do!  Maybe I’ll start being the person who sends cards for holidays!

Now, as I have written about in the past, Azul Beach has this amazing Sky Wedding location.  Rooftop wedding overlooking the ocean!  All I could think when I saw it was…. “I want, I want, I want, I want!”

I can totally see me getting married up here!

So my wedding party can’t exceed 65 people (including us and the Rabbi!).  As you probably guessed, I used the Guest List tracker and input all of my guests.  Considering how much family I have and how many friends Danny has had his whole life… out guest list is 127 right now!   You can see my problem 🙂

Every bride gets the opportunity to decide what size wedding they would like.  If you want a wedding that is just you and your future hubby and a couple of family members as witnesses… that’s your choice!  If you want to invite every single person you know, also your choice.

So I consulted my trusty The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings.  The experts say that somewhere between 50-80% of your invitees will actually travel to your destination wedding.  So they recommend that you figure on approximately 70% of the people you invite when you do things like block room space and estimate for the cocktail party and reception.

With these calculations in mind, I can expect about 88.9 people (I guess someone is leaving a body part behind :)).  And there goes my sky wedding!  Oh well… I love my family and friends more than my roof top I guess!

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