Going Through the Door

This was sent to me yesterday and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you…  Have a Happy Thursday!

In a recent issue of Holland America Line’s Mariner magazine, author Paul Coelho shared some of the lessons he learned while traveling. Here’s a selection. See what you think.

Talk to Locals: They make great tour guides – they live there, know everything and are proud of their city. Get off the street, choose a person you want to talk to, and ask questions.

Go to Bars: This is where city life is manifested. Bars are not clubs, but rather the places where people will have a drink, ponder the weather and always be willing to chat.

Do Not Compare: Do not compare anything: prices, quality of life, means of transport, anything. Learn how others live, discover what they can teach you, how they deal with reality and with the extraordinary.

Remain Focused: Be attentive to your surroundings. This is the only way to truly experience another country. Sometimes people concern themselves more with talk of other destinations than with the place they are visiting.

Humanity Transcends Language: Even if you do not speak the language, do not be afraid. Even if there’s no way to communicate through words, you can usually find people offering support and guidance.

Do Not Try to See Everything: It’s better to see one site well and choose your activities carefully than to become overwhelmed by trying to see everything a place has to offer.

A Trip is an Adventure: Henry Miller said that, when in Rome, it is as important to find a church that nobody has ever heard of as to feel obliged to see the Sistine Chapel. Go to the Sistine Chapel, but also make sure to get lost in the streets. Feel free to look for something even if you do not know what you are looking for.

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