Wedding Wednesday – Watch Your Stress Level

If you are planning a wedding (either at home or a Destination Wedding) you have probably realized that it can get a wee bit stressful (does anyone see the serious under-exaggeration?).  Have any of you turned into the fire-breathing dragon yet?  Luckily I have contained my evil alter ego!  And so I blog… on stress!

It is my very firm personal belief that everyone needs to have a plan to combat stress.  Here is what I am doing.  First I joined Weight Watchers.  This is because as a bride-to-be with a few pounds to lose, I don’t want to leave my weight loss to the last minute.  Leisure is the name of my game :).  

Second I have set up rewards for myself for reaching my weight loss goals.  I will be getting a pedicure when I lose my first ten pounds.  I will be getting my hair straightened for losing 20 pounds.  I will get another pedicure for losing 30 pounds.  I need something good for 40 pounds so if you have any suggestions I would REALLY appreciate that!

Third I will be getting massages throughout the year as a food-free way to treat myself for all of the hard work I’m going to do this year.  My first is set up for the 21st of this month!  I can already feel the bliss! 

Other ways to combat stress:

  • Take up a new hobby (learn to sew, try rock climbing, salsa, fishing, reading, star gazing… the possibilities are endless!)
  • Girls/Guys nights.  Escape with friends for a wedding-free evening.
  • Pamper yourself… manicure, pedicure, facial, body scrub, etc.
  • Take a hot bubble bath with candles and wine.
  • Try yoga
  • Lounge around for a whole day.  No appointments, phone calls, responsibilities, nothing.

My new motto – NO STRESS!


  1. Your article on stress relief is very motivating! You are an inspiration!!!! Although I have been married for 35 years, I remember the stress involved with the planning. Wish I could have taken your advise back then!!!!

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