What Dreams Are Made Of – Antarctica

This morning I woke up and the very first thing in my email box was a letter of excitement.  I am not going to lie, once in a while I realize that a lot of people in the travel industry are jaded (been there… done that).  Things don’t excite us as easily as perhaps they should.  But not this morning.  Today I had an email from my rep at Silversea (this is a luxury cruise line for those of you who have not heard of it).  The title of this email was “HISTORIC DAY FOR SILVERSEA GUESTS”.  And that is one way to get my attention!

This particular email was speaking of the guests aboard Silversea’s Silver Explorer.  This is the cruise they were on… http://www.silversea.com/expeditions/destinations/antarctica/  Here is an excerpt of that email by Peter A.:

“This is an email which I hope will provide a sense of awe in what we as travel partners make possible to our mutually valued clients daily.

Earlier this week, Silversea had a historic event take place in Antarctica.  For the first time in our history Silversea guests landed on Elephant Island.  For many of our seasoned expedition crew, it was the first time in almost two decades of Antarctic cruising that a successful landing was possible.  The Silver Explorer guests managed to come ashore in the exact same place where Sir Ernest Shackleton stepped ashore nearly 100 years ago and left his men for just over 4 months before returning to rescue them. It is probably one of the best known stories of early exploration in Antarctica and our guests had the opportunity to be part of this by stepping ashore in one of the most historic sites in Antarctica.”

Point Wild Comparison

The pictures here are from his email.  They fill me with wonder when I think about how few people have actually been able to step foot in this place. 

Guests on shore at Point Wild

Here is a quick excerpt from the ship’s daily log:

“Today was very special.  The Silver Explorerand Expedition Team accomplished a first in the ship’s history,  landing our guests at Point Wild, Elephant Island.  This is the location where  survivors of the Shackleton Expedition of 1914 – 1916 lived under 2 lifeboats for more than 4.5 months while hoping for rescue.  Not only is this one of the historically most significant locations in the Antarctic but it is also one of the most difficult sites to land at due to its very exposed location which is usually subject to high winds and heavy seas.  In fact our Expedition Leader had been trying to land at this very small spit just barely above the ocean for the past 10 years without success . . . until today!”

Expedition Team at Point Wild

Even the people who are on this cruise every time it goes to Antarctica were excited!  I feel like a little kid when I think about this!  So maybe we have “been there and done that”, but remember to always find something that makes your insides flutter and your head swim with excitement! 

What makes your insides flutter?

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