Wedding Wednesday – Valentine’s Day for Your Sweetheart

**Update**  I was just informed that it is actually Thursday!  What happened to Wednesday?!  🙂  Oh well, so it’s Wedding Thursday today!


I see it everywhere I go.  Hearts, flowers, red and pink, diamond commercials… I know there is no escaping it.  Valentine’s Day is here again!  Yeah yeah, you’re looking at my sentence up there and saying “but she’s engaged.  Why would she not love Valentine’s Day?”.  I DO love Valentine’s Day!  But here I am, newly engaged, and it all feels different.  What does one give her future husband for Valentine’s Day?  What kind of Valentine’s Day gift do you get someone in that “in between” stage?

I have already bought him a watch, a wallet, and baked him the special surprise dinner.  You don’t normally get a man flowers or chocolates (although I think if I gave him a basket filled with candy he might melt at my feet).  So that leaves me in a pickle.  I really have no idea what to get Danny for Valentine’s Day!

Maybe a video game?  How about something relating to our wedding?  I could buy him DVDs.  But none of this feels “right”.  So instead of a blog, I’m asking for help.  Please give me ideas.  I’m running out of time!!!!!!

What would YOU give Danny if you were me?

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