Today I’m going to talk to you about something that I have just experienced for the first time.  Don’t tell my co-workers ok?  This is something that, as a travel agent, really doesn’t do anything to grow my business or expand my bottom line.  But, OH MY GOSH, it was wonderful!

Last week I had hit my limit.  Between work, our social lives, and planning our wedding, I couldn’t remember the last time I had been able to roll over in the morning, see Danny’s face and then go back to sleep and know I’d still see him again when I woke up.  My stress level was through the roof.

Danny and I came up with the thing I will now look forward to always, Jammie Day.  This is a day where we tell everyone not to call us.  If they did it wouldn’t have mattered because our phones were on silent upstairs and we were downstairs.  We left the computer charging in the office.  We were totally out of reach.

We had everything planned.  I knew what I was making for breakfast (waffles with berries, maple syrup and eggs), he knew what he was making for dinner (steak and veggies), and we had movies chosen and ready to go.  There was nothing that we needed to go out for.  When we realized we forgot baked potatoes to go with the steak, we improvised with something in the house.  I literally never got out of my pajamas!

We watched movies and TV all day.  We talked.  We fell asleep a few times on the couch together.  And for a small amount of time while he was cooking, I worked on our wedding.  It was the most relaxing thing I’ve done in a long long time.

In the past, if I was in the city (you’ll notice how often we tried to be in Disney or Universal Studios) we would be running around and doing things, busy with friends, working or something else that would be great, but not alone or together.

Jammie Day is something I recommend for anyone and everyone.  There is not a person alive who does not work too hard or do too much anymore and sometimes it’s necessary just to unwind and disconnect for a short time.  If you are someone who can’t unwind or disconnect at home for any reason, this is where I come in.  There are hotels around you that offer deals and specials constantly for locals who need a last minute getaway.

If you can unwind at home, pull out your “jammies”, turn off your phone (warn people first so they don’t think you are hurt in your house and run to your rescue), and curl up with the one you love (human or pet or even just yourself), and just enjoy a day to BE.

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