Seat Selection

I was reading an article the other day about KLM airlines figuring out a way to let you choose who you sit next to on a plane by Facebook or Linked In.

This is the picture from the Boston Globe article about this seat selector

At first I was super excited!  I mean really, how many times have you been on a plane scrunched between the fat guy who had to run three terminals to get to your plane and the screaming baby?  My most vivid recollection is actually my flight home from Copenhagen in 2009.  I was on a Continental flight from Copenhagen to Newark.  I had a lovely couple with a larger man and a really skinny woman who came to sit with me.  Oh for a moment I had dreams of a pleasant flight with the skinny woman in the middle.  And then he climbed in.  Why the fat man took the seat next to me, I will never know, but I did spend my entire flight from Copenhagen pressed against the window with him halfway in to my seat.  As the hours went on, he started to smell.  By the end of the flight I was holding a handful of my hair under my nose and breathing through the hair!

Airline Roulette... Who will you be next to?

After a little while of thinking about this whole choosing your seat based on Facebook people, my thinking changed.  There are two things that I thought of.  Really?  For a few hours we can’t just sit with who we sit with and be ok?  This is the lesser of my concerns.  My major concern is for the poor business person who is sitting next to someone pitching for a job.  Or if you are sitting next to someone who chose you because they thought you were good-looking.  And then of course there is the privacy issue.  Currently when I get on a plane, it is nice to sit with someone and chat, but I don’t have to announce to the world who I am or where I come from.

So is the world becoming a little too small when you can pick your seatmate on a plane?  I don’t know.  But I do know that I will NOT be using this service.

What do you think of this new concept?

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