Wedding Wednesday – My Engagement Party!

This week has been so exciting!  Our engagement party is over and was WONDERFUL!  When we were discussing the engagement party, it was clear from the beginning that my favorite meal is breakfast.  So we did a Sunday Brunch! All of my favorite foods were there.  I made my favorite Creme Brulee French Toast (everyone was raving about it and wants the recipe!).  Mom made my favorite noodle kugel.  We got bagels and lox and cream cheese.  And so on and more delicious food!

We had the best Alice in Wonderland themed cake done by Bonnie Brown of Bonnie’s Best Bites.  There was one layer of mimosa, one layer of yellow cake, and one (OH MY GOSH DELICIOUS) layer of pink champagne!  She also made super yummy mini-cupcakes in vanilla, chocolate and red velvet with delicious butter cream icing!  I can’t even rave enough about the desserts!


We bought our flowers from Field of Flowers and set up beautiful arrangements with white hydrangea and blue orchids that made me also so happy!  It’s great because they are all still alive so I have beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE!

And in the end that’s what it’s all about.  Being super happy and enjoying the HELL out of your Wedding experience!

*sneak preview of next week*  I’m going dress shopping tomorrow!  (No you won’t get to see what I’m trying on, but you will definitely get great destination wedding dress ideas!)

It's so nice to be able to get together with friends!


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