Travel Guide Overload Take 2

I’m not 100% sure what happened to yesterdays post.  I wrote it…spell checked it… tagged it… categorized it… submitted it.  Left the house.  Approximately 5 hours later I went to post it to Facebook and realized that the entire post was blank.  Boy was I not a happy camper!  So let’s have a go at Travel Guides Take 2.

What I was pointing out yesterday is that everyone and their mother seems to have written a travel book.  There are big companies such as Frommer’s and Fodor’s and Zagat.  There are individual people such as Rick Steves and Karen Brown.  There are books for business travelers, luxury travelers, budget travelers, and those who like to travel with pets.  It is amazing and completely overwhelming.  I remember the days of going to the library or book store to find my travel guides, but the internet has come and made our lives just that much more difficult.  Now you have access to every travel book/website/blog known to man! Does anyone else think this might be a little much?

So I’m going to tell you about our favorites.  These are the ones that we return to time and again while planning our clients’ special vacations.  We actually keep extra Rick Steves books in the office for our most popular destinations.  We also use Fodor’s on a regular basis.  The other place we go for our best information is actually the destination websites.  There are tourist boards for most destinations on the planet and they are kept up to date with everything from festivals, fairs, restaurants, and sights.  You can’t ask for better information than that!

What is your favorite guide for your travel?

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