It’s All About the View

I’m that girl.  The girl in the front row of the roller coaster with my eyes forced open until they look like I am crying from the wind whipping in to them.  The one who requests section 3 on the Dr. Doom ride at Universal Studios.  All so I can see everything.  Give me the top of the world, looking down, any day.  So today I am going to share a collection of what people say are the best views in the world.

1)  For those of you in the States, or have visited New York, you know this one.  The Empire State Building.  Famous for many things, but not the least of which is When Harry Met Sally!  You stand up there and feel like you are on top of the world.  The observatory is on the 102nd floor giving you sweeping views of New York and New Jersey!  For a romantic date night, nighttime viewing is available daily until 2am (last elevator to go up is at 1:15am).

2)  The London Eye.  This has appeared before in my blog because I personally have been here and done this.

Standing underneath the Eye and looking UP

We stood in line for 45 minutes to buy tickets and then another 45 minutes to ride it.  And then it takes 30 minutes for one full rotation.  I probably won’t do it again (if I have to wait that long) but I will tell you that the views are stunning and it is worth the wait once.  I really appreciated the map that you get when you buy your tickets so you know what you are looking at when you are looking out the window.

Sweeping views from in the London Eye

3) Grand Canyon Skywalk.  Now, I haven’t been here, but you should have seen my face when I heard about it for the first time and saw pictures.  OH MY GOODNESS!

On top of the world much? Just don't look down!

How would you like to walk out over the Grand Canyon on a CLEAR PLATFORM!  The platform extends 70 feet from the rim and you are 4000 feet in the air.  I can’t wait for my feet to touch that platform and to just look down and feel like I can walk on air!

Staring down from the CN tower viewing platform
Edgewalk... the picture is worth 1000 words.

4)  This last one might be taking extreme viewing to a whole new level.  Maybe too much for me?  When I was in Toronto, we went up in the CN tower.  There was at least one person who wouldn’t even get in the elevator because she’s scared of heights.  Then you shoot up in this high-speed elevator to the observation level.  On this level, safely indoors, there are thick glass panes on the floor that you can look through and stand on.  And now there is…. another way to take in the views?  Edgewalk.  I personally think that the name says it all.  You go out on the ledge (at least you are harnessed in) and lean back out over the world.

For more incredible views, check out this great article:  Spectacular Viewing Platforms

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