The Other Other White Meat

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know.  For those of you who are just joining us… a little about me.  I am what my office jokingly refers to as a “Disney-phile”.   If I’m running away for a weekend, you can bet it’s to the Orlando area.  But I’m not naive.  Disney is amazing at what they do, but they don’t really do Thrills.  We don’t go to Walt Disney World for the amazingly thrilling rides with the crazy spirals and upside down moments.  And I’m not coming off a ride alternating between extreme adrenaline and a crashing headache.

For Danny’s birthday I surprised him with a visit to Busch Gardens.  It had been 5 years since I had been to Busch Gardens prior to this.  Unfortunately my camera was in China with my parents so all of my pictures were taken on an iPhone.  And so, joined by our friend Rich, we took on the Coasters.  Our first stop with Cheetah Hunt.  This is the newest ride in the park with three heart pounding launches… and an 80 minute wait.  Our first thought was to buy a Quick Queue pass and ride immediately.  Luckily after many years of theme parks we have ingrained in us that the newest rides and the rides closest to the gate will always have an insane line.  So we got smarter and moved on to the next ride, knowing we would come back to Cheetah Hunt.

So we moved on to Montu.  Have you ever been to Universal Studios and ridden Dragon Challenge (formerly Dueling Dragons)?  I’m pretty sure they were designed by the same person.  Montu is basically Dragon Challenge minus the Challenge.  Dueling Dragons minus the Dueling.  It’s one track instead of two.  We waited in the front seat line first and that was an amazing experience.  I love those rides because you truly feel like you are flying.  Your feet dangle freely and you just SOAR!  Since there was really no line (see I told you we got smarter) we got right back in line and rode one more time in the middle row.  WARNING:  Do not ride this ride with your eyes closed the whole time!  Yup, I did it.  It felt completely amazing and I can’t even explain how happy I was when I did it.  Then I opened my eyes.  I’m pretty sure my brain rattled around a bit in my head and I was completely nauseous.  It lasted a long time.

Don’t laugh, but one of my happiest experiences that day was when we did the Sky Ride.  It’s exactly like the one that used to be in the Magic Kingdom.  Gets you from point A to point B, but gives you an amazing bird’s-eye view of your surroundings.  The noise doesn’t reach you there and so it’s just you, flying over the park.

View from the Sky Ride over Busch Gardens

For today I’m going to leave you while I am flying.  I am late for the office.  I’ll pick this up tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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