More of Our Day at Busch Gardens

After my Disney flashback on the Sky ride, we wandered over to SheiKra. SheiKra. Who the heck thought that was a good idea??? Let’s bring you up a million feet in the air and drop you straight down?? I know I am exaggerating. SheiKra is actually only 138 feet, but still when you are up that high and looking down at the people who look like ants… I don’t care how brave you are, you scream a little when the machine lets goand you plummet towards the earth!

Look at the arrow. People do this willingly!

This adrenaline rush left me breathless!  And since the heaven’s opened up and the rain started pouring down on us we stopped at the all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet for lunch.  I’m going to recommend NOT going to have lunch during a drowning rain storm because everyone else does the same thing as well.  We ate standing up for the first 15 minutes because there were NO chairs or tables available.  The pizza was good.  The salad was pathetic.  The pasta was ok.  The apple pizza dessert was out of this world.  Happily Danny got that as it was put out so it was super duperfresh and amazing.  I am such a sucker for dessert!

Me and our friend Rich who helped us have an awesome time that day!

The rain wasn’t really stopping, but it had slowed down enough to walk in, so we found the only indoor activity in the park.  We went to the ice skating show, Iceploration.  I couldn’t take pictures because my iPhone wasn’t working in the dim theatre, but I will tell you that the ice show is amazing.  It’s basically visiting five different regions in the world and the animals of those areas.  Some stunning skating!

Luckily for us, the sun came out!  Bright and blazing to dry everything outside.  Also luckily for us, Cheetah Hunt was right near the ice show!  Guess where we went next!  The wait time was 60 minutes and we said “what the heck”.  It was a great line including many awesome facts about Cheetahs and their habitats and behaviors.  The ride… totally worth the wait!  Probably one of the best rides ever!  The car is powered by magnets and instead of going uphill slowly to gather speed on the way down… the slingshot you up hill!  Totally intense.  I don’t think Dan would appreciate the me posting the picture, but I took an awesome picture of his hair standing straight up after our ride, but it was totally classic!  This ride is a complete adrenaline rush…hehehe I have to post it… here’s a lovely picture to demonstrate how you feel after Cheetah Hunt.

It's the Cheetah Hunt hair-do!

Sadly that was the end of our day.  We all agreed that it was a great high note to leave on.  My professional opinion… Busch Gardens is a great park.  The tickets are a great value.  And bring a lot of quarters for the lockers because unlike Universal Studios, they are not free while you ride the rides.

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