Missing Mexico Already

Danny and I landed last night.  Our plane hit the ground at 8:15pm and I could already hop a plane back to Mexico.  It’s not necessarily Mexico itself that we miss, but the hotels that we stayed in.  Azul Beach and Azul Sensatori are both incredible 4-4.5 star hotels in Riviera Maya.  Each was great for its own reason.

Azul Beach. It’s a small (148 rooms and suites) property geared towards families with little children and weddings.  Are you wondering how those two things work together?

I simply love the lobby, it just gives me some zen!

Kids:  Seriously, we were there for three nights and only heard one child cry the whole time.  This is something we commented on over and over again.  You see the kids, so you know they are there.  There are high chairs and toys at all of the restaurants, and a great kids program room, so you know they are there.  But seriously, no tears or screaming?  Yup.  I’m not going to say that they never have kids melt down there, but this was a great place to go if you are trying to convince someone that they want to be a Mommy or Daddy!

iPhone quality photo of one of the wedding locations on the beach. I just realized I forgot my camera at home!

Weddings:  There were two weddings a day while we were there.  Two is the maximum number of weddings a day at Azul Beach.  They aren’t a wedding factory or anything, but when you have a property as beautiful and a location as prime as this (with great pricing) it’s hard for brides to resist!  They have a location on the beach where they set up the wedding structure and decorate it as the bride and groom wish.  Also there is a sky wedding (this is where I am getting married) which is on top of the new lobby (three-story building) and boasts an unbelievable view of the ocean… and no sand on the feet!

Azul Sensatori.  Sadly we only had one night here, but I did have some great experiences.  Reasons I would go to this resort?  Families with kids of all ages.  The babies are still better off at Azul Beach, but everything over baby age…Sensatori has something for everyone.  The dining.  While we weren’t impressed by Spoon, which is their main restaurant (we went for breakfast), the rest of the food we ate was very good.  Tappaz was great for dinner.  There is no menu, they just bring you plates.  If you have any food restrictions, you tell them at the beginning and they take good care of you.  The pools at Sensatori are great.  It’s also way more lively than Azul Beach.

I have so much to say that I’m going to blog about these two hotels for the whole week with pictures from our trip and little insights that we have.  Stay Tuned!

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