Wedding Wednesday – I Test Drove My Wedding

One of Danny’s major concerns when we decided to do a Destination Wedding was that he had never been to any of these places.  How could he blindly make a decision about where to host the most important day of his life?  So I did what I always tell my brides to do.  Find out if the hotels you are considering offer some kind of Wedding Preview program.  Most of the all-inclusive hotels which specialize in weddings will offer one.  Your best bet is to book it through your travel agent (or me of course!)  A Wedding Preview is where you can go and see the wedding sites, and get a feel for the resort in general.  So we jetted off to Mexico.

Basically my goal was to force myself to sit down and really think about the details of my wedding weekend.  For example I figured out that even though I picked the perfect property for us to get married… at night it’s a little TOO peaceful.  So one night we are going to set up an excursion to Playa del Carmen for some excitement.  We looked at colors, thought about DJ options, checked out reception locations, did a test photo shoot with the photographer that the hotel recommends (This was my biggest concern.  I have been so afraid that the pictures would not be what I wanted and I would lose an important moment of our day), tasted food, and spoke with the wedding coordinators on property.  All in all, even though I personally had already made my choice for the location, it gave Danny the opportunity to feel just as comfortable.

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During our stay we were fortunate enough to see multiple weddings set ups.  Each was different from the last.  Surprisingly, one of my favorites was a brunch set up after a morning wedding.  The colors and simplicity of it were wonderful.  They did a brunch on the terrace of the main restaurant overlooking the water.

I love this for its simplicity!

If you are considering a Destination Wedding…if you have hesitations, concerns, or overall questions… I completely recommend contacting your travel agent (or me!) and setting up a preview of your hotel to make sure that you are making the right decision for you and your fiance!

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