Celebrity Solstice

About the same time that Royal Caribbean brought us the wonders of the Oasis and Allure of the Seas, Celebrity was working on a special  ship of their own.  Their newest class of ship is call the Solstice Class.  This includes the Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette and Reflection.  Each is a better version of the last.  I was on the inaugural sailing of the Solstice and fell in LOVE!

Cellar Masters is a wonderful place for a glass or bottle of wine

This ship is elegant, it is fun, it is trendy, it is beautiful!  I love the decor.  I love the night life.  I love the bars.  I love the food choices.  I love the buffet.  I simply love this ship.

The first thing that I learned about this ship is that they brought in a panel of women to help design the staterooms.  You know how the little things are what matter?  The shower in the bathroom is not just larger than most of the other ships, but also has a step bar so that women can shave their legs without falling over.  Unbelievable!  The bed is a little higher than normal so that your suitcases can go underneath while you are sailing.  Seriously… the little things!

The ship has dancing water! I LOVE dancing water!!!

There is a lawn on the top deck.  For real.  Real grass.  I took my shoes off and walked through the grass and it was all I could do not to drop and roll around (in Florida we have this crappy stuff called Crab Grass and I hate hate hate it!).  You can have picnics, play bocce ball (does anyone know how to play bocce ball?), take a nap… whatever you’d like.  I even watched the gardener cutting the lawn!  One the first three ships they even have the Hot Glass Show.  There are professionals on board who do demonstrations of blowing glass.

Yup, those are my feet in the grass!

There are great dining venues and even better bar choices!  Blu is a spa cuisine restaurant which acts as the main dining room for people staying in Aquaclass cabins.  Silk Harvest is an Asian Fusion restaurant.  Murano is so beautiful.  It’s decorated in glass, and the food is a great combination of different European flavors.  And last but certainly not least is Tuscan Grille which is a wonderful steakhouse!  Don’t forget to check out the Martini Bar (the bar is an ice bar!)

Murano is gorgeous!


Check out each of their ships for a different and yet amazing experience!

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