To Park or Not to Park

As I lay on the couch thinking of the clothes I still have to put in the suit case, I’m overjoyed to know that I will NOT be parking!  Danny has kindly offered to drive me to the airport so that I could sleep a few extra minutes, blog to you all, eat breakfast and still make it on time to my plane for Curacao!  Does that seem like a lot of things I’ll be able to do simply because he offered to drive me?  Perhaps it was a slight exaggeration, but don’t be fooled.  Parking at the airport can sometimes seem to be a chore.  Fear not… you have options.

One of my favorite places to park is called Park n Fly.  This lot, along with many others like Park N Go, offer a very special service.  You park in their lot, a bus will pick you up and take you to your terminal, after your trip, they will pick you up at the airport and bring you back to your car.  This takes a few extra minutes over parking in long-term parking at the airport, but will save you approximately $10 per day.  That’s a big savings!

It’s like concierge parking services!


Another option is one that I usually use in Philadelphia.  Most airports will offer some kind of shuttle service where they can pick you up from any location and bring you to the airport.  In Philly this is called Rapid Rover.  I have taken Rapid Rover from the airport to Cherry Hill, New Jersey many times.  It’s a pleasure!  Check out what it is called in your home town.  A great and inexpensive option!

Economy Parking.  This one I have used in Miami.  Definitely not my favorite, but it is the least expensive option if you are planning to leave a car at the airport.  We drove for what seemed like forever, parked in the lot, and took the shuttle bus to the airport.  I think the ride to our terminal was something like 5 minutes.  Plan on the extra time this option will take!  My major complaint was that when we returned to Miami, it took almost 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us back up.  For $8 a day at the airport, who was I to complain! 

No matter how you choose to get to the airport, one thing remains the same.  Be safe, and arrive at the terminal in plenty of time for your flight!

Today I am off to Curacao!  It’s my first time there, so here is an all new Sojourn for us to share together!  Check out Boca Express Travel on twitter for my status updates while I’m gone!

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