Avila Hotel – Curacao

While I was in Curacao I was lucky enough to tour the oldest hotel in current use on the island, Avila Hotel.  This hotel is filled with history.  Their website http://www.avilahotel.com/avila-experience/history says it best: “At various times in history, “Avila” has served several purposes: as a country house or residence of English and Dutch Governors, as a boys’ boarding school, as a private school, as a private dwelling, as a private hospital and finally as the oldest hotel, still in continuous operation, in Curaçao.”

One of my co-worker’s got a little dreamy-eyed when I was recapping this island because they stayed there many many years ago when there was just one building at this hotel.  These were the days when only “La Belle Alliance wing existed”.   My how the times have changed!  This hotel has grown from a one wing hotel to three wings plus villas.  Each wing has its own personality and charm.  Some of the pictures I’ll use in this post are from the hotel directly because my camera is good, but I didn’t capture some of the charm that I wanted to.  They did.

Blues restaurant is probably my favorite dining venue that I toured.  It sits on the edge of the property overlooking the water.  You get a great view of the ocean on one side and the Avila Hotel on the others.  The food is international cuisine and the music will be rocking!  Thursday nights and Sunday nights they have a jazz band doing a live jam session!  I could sit in here for every meal soaking up the surroundings and the ambiance!

Setting up for a night of making Awesome music at the Blues Restaurant!

From Blues you can see a building that looks like it doesn’t belong with the rest of the property.  Most buildings look like they are sided in stucco or concrete.  This one is wood!  To my surprise, this was our next stop.  It’s called the Blues Wing.  There’s a jazz player on each door which I loved!  It’s a very romantic section.  They can do wonderful things with the lighting!  This building is on a pier over the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean Sea.  My friend Bruce and I sat down and refused to move.  It was like nothing I have seen before!

There are so many wonderful things about this property.  I am going to put up some of the pictures I took here to try to give you a feeling for it.  Needless to say, go to Curacao.  Stay at Avila Hotel.  It’s truly a wonderful experience!  I’ll be happy to help you get there! 

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