Love Me Some Wine!

Today our big outing was to Lake Wallenpaupack. We were looking for something that none of us had done before. Some of my favorite wines come from up North so we decided to check out a local winery. Antler Ridge Winery is a Pennsylvania based winery that only uses grapes grown IN Pennsylvania. They have one winery where produce the wine and then 4 tasting rooms spread throughout Pennsylvania. We went to the tasting room in Lake Wallenpaupack (I love the names around here!!).


They offer the first three tastes for free and after those you pay $2 per person and can sample every single one. We chose to go that route. Nancy (our wine expert) was awesome! You could tell she loves her wine and has been working with these wines forever!

20120705-191731.jpg (I actually took notes!)

Also at this location was a little shop with awesome shirts. I wanted to buy a few of them, but decided to spend my entire budget on wine!! So many great choices :-). Some of the things you could buy (besides all of the delicious wine) were gift baskets, picnic coolers, bags, corkscrews, and other great things!



This is a great place to stop if you are looking for something to do up here. Also they have locations in Rome (the city in Pennsylvania not Italy), Waymart, and Skippack. Yum yum yum!

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