Adventures by Disney – not just for the kiddies anymore!

I’m a Disney-phile.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  If Peter Pan were taking me on a tour of London, or Aladdin taking me on a tour of the Middle East, I would probably follow like a puppy dog.  I wish I could say that this is what Adventures by Disney is all about, but I can’t.  Adventures by Disney is for adults as much as it is for children. 

I just read an amazing article by Michelle Baran through Travel Weekly and literally thought about just copying and pasting it to here!  I restrained myself and decided to just share the link to her article (click the word article), but also to write a little of what I know.

Adventures by Disney is an upscale tour operator.  They use the nicest hotels in the best locations.  Their guides are top notch!  Benjamin Franklin will actually lead your tour in Philadelphia!  Talk about attention to detail ;-).  You will have tour guides that focus on the needs of the adults as well as the needs of the kids (pizza making in Italy anyone?!

Are you adults traveling with out kids?  No problem!  They have adults only departures on a lot of their itineraries!  TAKE ME AWAY DISNEY!!!!!

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